Land Sales

The VLB Land Sales are one way for Texas Veterans and Military Members to own a piece of Texas.

The Texas Veterans Land Board makes tracts of land available for Texas Veterans and Military Members to bid on in our quarterly land sales held every January, April, July, and October (temporarily suspended due to the federal foreclosure moratorium). Texas Veterans and Military Members may use the VLB Land Loan to purchase these tracts or other non-commercial properties in Texas that are one acre or more. 

Land not sold during these quarterly land sales is made available for public purchase. Currently, there is no public land for sale.

Available to Veterans & Military Members Only

Properties that are featured in this quarterly land sale are listed online approximately six weeks prior to the bidding deadline. Search for properties by county, acreage or region. Tracts may be added or withdrawn by the VLB at any time or for any reason.

The Veterans-only land sale is currently closed. Please sign up for the VLB newsletter under the contact tab and we will notify everyone when we schedule the next Veterans-only land sale.