In the early days of the Republic, Texas gave its Veterans land in recognition for their military service. Spurred by returning World War II Veterans, the Legislature established the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) in 1946 to continue this tradition by providing Texas Veterans with long-term, low-interest land loans.

Today, the VLB oversees six programs for Veterans, Military Members and their families. The three-member governing body (Board) of the VLB is responsible for the administration of the Veterans Land Loan Program, the Veterans Housing Assistance Program, the Veterans Home Improvement Program, the Texas State Veterans Homes, the Texas State Veterans Cemeteries and the Voices of Veterans Oral History Program. 

The VLB also makes tracts of land available for Texas Veterans and Military Members to bid on in our quarterly Veterans Land Sale that is held every January, April, July and October. Land not sold during this Veteran Land Sale is available for public purchase during the public land sale. 

The Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office serves as Chairman of the Board and is joined by two citizen members. Both citizen members are appointed by the Governor. One of the Governor’s appointees must be well-versed in Veterans affairs and the other experienced in finance. Appointed to four-year overlapping terms, the two citizen members must be confirmed by the Senate and are required to execute a $50,000 bond to the state. The Deputy Commissioner of the VLB serves as Executive Secretary for Board members during public meetings.

As of January 2008, Board meetings are held every quarter, but special meetings may be called if necessary. Board meetings are open to the public and since 2005 have been webcast live.

Board meeting agendas are posted in the Texas Register and can be accessed via the Texas Secretary of State website. The agenda must be posted seven working days prior to a Board meeting.


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