In Texas, we honor and respect our Veterans and will always ensure that none of them are left behind.
Chairwoman,  Dawn Buckingham, M.D.

The Unaccompanied Veterans Program was implemented in January 2015, for eligible Veterans with no known next-of-kin or those with next-of-kin who are unable to attend, to ensure standard interment procedures with military honors at Texas State Veterans Cemeteries. Prior to the implementation of this program, Veterans were brought into the cemetery and provided “direct no witness” burials. This meant their remains were brought to the cemetery and directly buried or interred with no honors or recognition of their military service.

All eligible Veterans are now interred with honor and dignity, regardless of where they may have found themselves in life. The absence of next-of-kin may occur for a variety of reasons, to include but not limited to:

  • The Veteran's next-of-kin may have died and survivors cannot be located.
  • The Veteran may have separated themselves from next-of-kin due to family discord.
  • The Veteran may suffer from mental illness or other health issues leading to societal isolation.

Texas State Veterans Cemeteries follow a standard protocol to schedule burial services for Unaccompanied Veterans. This includes cultivating relationships with community stakeholders including funeral homes, county services, local judges and Patriot Guard Riders to ensure all eligible Veterans are given honorable and dignified burial services at each cemetery. While notice times vary, the Texas Veterans Land Board issues an advisory to the community upon notice of an Unaccompanied Veteran Burial.

Local communities have provided significant and overwhelming support for the Unaccompanied Veterans Program, with considerable public attendance at services to honor the Veteran during this last rite of passage. The Unaccompanied Veterans Program stands as a testament to the respect and understanding these communities have to the value of the military family. Together as a community, we can guarantee that NO Veteran is EVER left behind.

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