Land Loans

Does the VLB only finance land listed for sale on the website?
Can I purchase connecting properties from separate owners?
Is there a minimum credit score needed to apply for a VLB land loan?
Why doesn’t the Veterans Affairs service-connected disability rating discount apply to the VLB land loan?
Can the VLB sell my land for me?
Can someone other than my spouse be a co-borrower on a VLB land loan?

Home Improvement Loans

Does the VLB provide me with a contractor?
Is there a minimum credit score required to apply for a VLB home improvement loan?
Can I be my own general contractor?
Does the house have to be habitable to apply for a VLB home improvement loan?
How long do I need to live in the home before I can apply for a VLB home improvement loan?

Texas State Veterans Homes

What is the health eligibility to be admitted to a Texas State Veterans Home?
Why might a Veteran be denied?
What can residents bring to the home?
May the resident have a TV in their room?
Is there Wi-Fi available?
Do the resident rooms have kitchenettes?
What makes a Veterans home unique?
What is the difference in “small house” vs. other nursing homes?
Do you offer assisted living?
Who will my primary care physician be?
Do you allow pets to live in the homes?
What are the visiting hours?
Is there a waiting list to become a resident?

Texas State Veterans Cemeteries

How much does it cost to be buried at a Texas State Veterans Cemetery and what is included?
How do I begin a burial procedure?
Will the Texas State Veterans Cemetery provide military honors?
How do I pre-register?
How long do you keep the U.S. flags for unaccompanied Veterans?
Can my spouse be buried at a Texas State Veterans Cemetery with me?
Can I reserve a grave space or burial plot?
How do I get pre-authorized for internment?


Who can I call if I’m feeling suicidal?
How can I find a copy of my DD214?
How can I get a copy of my military ID card?
How can I replace my medals?
Does the VLB refinance loans?
What is the difference between the Texas Veterans Land Board and the Department of Veterans Affairs?
My parent is a Veteran, which VLB programs am I eligible to use?
How do I contact the VA Refinance Program?
How do I contact the Veterans Affairs Save the Loan Program?
What is my Veterans Affairs compensation check status?
How can I find information about Veterans Education Benefits?
How can I apply for a Discharge Upgrade?
What are my benefits as a surviving spouse of a Veteran?
Does Texas offer a property tax discount for disabled Veterans?